Why Should I Sign Up To Your Newsletter?

Why Should I Sign Up To Your Newsletter? What’s In It For Me?

It happened to everyone using the internet regularly at least once: you land on a blog you’ve never seen before while searching for interesting content only to find out that you can’t access it unless you sign up for the newsletter.

Alternatively, you catch a glimpse of the interesting content, but you don’t get to read it due to a big, flashy window popping out of nowhere that promises to let you view that ‘exclusive’ content if you opt in for their newsletter.

In the light of these facts, it’s no wonder users feel irritated and leave that site immediately. Not only is this approach infuriating for them, but it doesn’t really grab their attention. Moreover, it requires you to provide various sites with personal information such as the email address without offering anything in return.

Then again, I’m a newsletter subscriber

Just because some websites favour the aggressive approach, not all sites and company employ these aggravating tactics. In fact, you can come across several sites that provide users with the clear and concise advantages they can enjoy by signing up.

For instance, I’m more tempted to sign up for a company’s newsletter when:

  • I receive an exclusive deal out of it (a coupon, a promotion or a big discount on my next purchase)
  • I have the guarantee of my data’s privacy
  • I gain access to new, exclusive content that fits my interests regularly
  • I can receive updates on a regular basis
  • I get a useful e-book or valuable e-learning courses

Everyone enjoys newsletters that offer true value

While many marketers spend days figuring out the perfect opt-in design, they often lose sight of the fact that users are most interested in: valuable content.

First and foremost, when signing up for a newsletter, users expect to get information that they genuinely find interesting. If the info provided can be found via a simple Google search or doesn’t serve any purpose, they will simply unsubscribe.

In addition to saving precious time by not having to visit a website or subscribing to the RSS, a valuable newsletter will also include a few extras, pieces of information from your line of work you won’t find elsewhere.

Last, but not least important, valuable newsletters come with unique offers, such as a learning opportunity or a major discount to a specialty seminar. Let’s not forget that nobody in their right mind will pass up the opportunity of a building a business relationship or the possibility to work with a professional in his niche.