Online Marketing success model; The cone of awesome.-31

Online Marketing success model; The cone of awesome.

Online Marketing success model The cone of awesome.

I have developed a nice little graphic to illustrate the time and efforts that you should put into developing my business online

We start from the bottom up for two reasons. First you should always start from the bottom up and two, it’s a CONE of Awesome not a Pyramid of Power.


I am going to do my best to keep this brief but…. Hang in there if it gets long!!

Ok, so you want to get your site happening and you’re not so sure where to start, you’ve been reading the 300 million blogs that tell you everything you need to know about what you’re looking for but you just need to crystallise it all into an easy to digest graphic. Guess what.. I did it for ya…… Your welcome.

BRANDING – develop your plan


Who are you?. I don’t mean what do you have in your about page, I mean what is your brand’s personality? what do you, as a brand like? what sort of clothes does your brand wear? what sort of place does it eat at… even what sort of hair cut does it have.

A little exercise to do is draw your brand as a person, and think about all the different likes and dislikes they have, and whenever your brand communicates it communicates like that person would…. You feeling me?

In method acting there is a thing you do called character development, this is where you write a story about your character, history, family and so on… do the same with your brand and you can really develop a unique personality for it.


What is your unique offer? what is it that you have that sets you apart from every other little blue widget seller out there?

Personally I think that everyone is selling something online, whether that be little blue widgets or information, time is money and money is time.

So what are you offering that will stand out? Do some research on your competitors and see if you can have a unique twist on what you do, if it’s e-commerce, play around on your product descriptions. (I’m going to do a post on that in a bit so hang around for that)


Why should someone come back to your site… a simple answer to this is they get what they are looking for of course, but a deeper answer is the online Atmospherics.

There has been a lot of research into retail environmental atmospherics (say that 5 times fast) but I will, in a future post talk more in depth about it. If you think of what your favorite coffee shop feels like to be in, the look, the texture, the smell, the sounds and everything that goes into making that such a unique experience, that is what your trying to replicate.

Yes I know… how do you smell a website…. Well… I’ll tell you later!

WORDS AND PICTURES – become your brand


You have spent the time now developing your brands personality now you have to start talking like your brand will talk. If your brand (like Web Courses Bangkok) is slightly quirky, then you need to talk in a slightly quirky manor. If your brand is business’y and straight laced, then talk the talk.

Something to be wary of though, just because you know that the serial port on a Omega 4875 takes a branded 4.5 crossover cat 5 cable and you think that that is its most excellent feature. It DOES NOT mean that the buyer who only wants to get a new modem cares about that or even understand… so talk like your customer talks and you will win.


I have said this a fair bit but an Image can say a thousand words. It’s not just the content of the image that you need to think about but how you present it. That can add a lot of personality to your brand.

Have a look at some of the other posts we have done to get an indication of what I mean, by simply having an imaged skewed it can add an entire message to an otherwise simple image.

I would also like to talk further about how your web design can have a massive influencing factor on how your brand is perceived, however I will have to leave that for another time. What I do recommend is that if your in Bangkok and your looking to do some education in web design.


I will break this in to some basic avenues for paid promotion, there are a lot more than I will cover here, but as I said earlier I am trying to keep this brief!

Banner ads:

Have a look at an earlier post I did about banner ads but you should be thinking about where your customer will be online, and how to reach them, do some research and find the best deal.

Think like your customer, and brainstorm where they might hang out…. If your ideal high converting customer is a 9-foot tall Bolivian basketball player with a penchant for Egyptian cotton, advertising on a fishing forum may not be ideal.

Pay Per Click:

I think that PPC is a bit of a waste of money, now I might get a flaming for that but I would much rather see you put that money into creating some truly amazing content and ranking naturally for your desired keywords than paying for a maybe converting click…

If you’re just starting out though, it’s the best way to get in the top searches ASAP. Keep your well researched campaign running for say…3-4 months while you work on your natural ranking but when you start getting in the top searches for your keywords…. Why pay for it? You don’t get preference from the Goog’s by having a paid ad so all you’re doing is wasting cashola..


Now were really starting to get into the time consuming part of your online marketing efforts, there has been so much published on engagement and how to build relationships with your customers.

Have a watch of the Julien Smith interview to get some top information on how you can use this effectively. Dude co wrote one of the all time best social media engagement books ever, so he knows what he is talking about.

Put simply, talk to people.

Remember when you went to that party with your friend and you didn’t know anyone there? So instead of standing in the corner pretending to be interested in a hideous piece of art for 4 hours you went into the kitchen and listened to the people in there talking. You then made a comment, introduced yourself and eventually became a part of the whole conversation… Yeah, exactly the same thing, just because you cant see the people that you’re talking to doesn’t mean that they are not people..


Again, as this is such a huge area that is constantly changing its impossible to be brief, but you need to think about the search engines like this.

You know when you download a file to your computer and then a few weeks later you have no idea what it was called and where you put it… (I do it too…) well, you will go to your search tool and then start tying to remember what it was called and hope like hell that it can be found again…

Well Google and its mates work on that same sort of principal, but the art of SEO is to make that file that your looking for, findable on many, many, many different searches.

If you want to learn about SEO, I recommend that you go to and check out their whiteboard Friday’s blog posts, easy to understand and nicely presented.


The biggest of the time consumers, the one that SHOULD take up the majority of your time. You put all this hard work in to developing your brand personality, producing content and advertising it.

You spend hours making it as easily findable as possible but now, you have to know what is working and what isn’t.

Are people clicking on the BUY NOW button or are they clicking on the OMGLOL WHAT A BARGIN button?

Are they coming to the post about ‘Rotterdam pet fashion’ or the post on ‘hard wood floorboards’… with out analysis you’re driving your site blindly into the wilderness and your going to crash faster than a carrot flying a plane. (now that image makes sense, eh?)

With services like Google Analytics out there and the hosts of other free tools is your not getting to know the traffic trends on your site intimately your really setting yourself up for failure.

So I hope that sheds a little more light on where you should spend the most amount of time on your site to really achieve success, and by using the Cone of Awesome as a guide to planning your strategy you can really achieve what you set out to!

Do you have any suggestions on how the Cone of awesome can be improved or even should it have a Scoop of Brilliance to top it off?