How The User Experience On My Site Can Make Sales

How The User Experience On My Site Can Make Sales

The question on every online business owner’s lips right now is whether including the user experience in the project development is worth the time and money. Moreover, if user experience is capable of generating sales, how will you be able to determine the actual value of your site’s user-centred design? Let’s start with the beginning.

Why is everyone emphasizing on user experience?

Following a user friendly design implies that your services and products meet the real demands of the visitors. To put it simply, the design helps your customers understand what for and how they can use your products, while showing ways they can be employed in real life situations at the same time.

While you might think that user friendly is synonymous with novelty in the context, this is not the case. In most situations, your focus should be oriented towards solving a clearly defined problem the target audience is confronted with. A good user-centred design is one that although focuses on a few concepts, it does the job brilliantly.

What does this have to do with sales?

Similar to the proverbial 5 seconds rule, visitors on your website will leave and never come back if they don’t find what they’re looking for in a matter of seconds. In other words, you only have about 5 to 10 seconds to make users feel right at home when entering your site.

The element that helps you convince viewers they’re in the right place is a user-centred design. Because a potential customer redirected from Google doesn’t necessarily land on the home page, the design needs to feature trust symbols on each page. Remember that even though users rely on Google to point them in the right direction, it’s up to you to prove that they can trust you as well.

What do users want?

Even though optimizing your website is up to you, your end-goals should be to continuously make things easier for your visitors. The biggest challenge at this point is to implement a design that allows them to customize their products without having to contact the sales team or customer support.

If your design allows user customization and supports their conceptual model of the task, then the direct consequence will be fewer changed and/or returned orders. Yes, nowadays customers want to be able to select the quantity, size, colour and other features of the products they intend to buy without assistance.