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How Google preview will change the natural search metrics

If you’re an Affiliate marketer look out, your world is about to change because your sites are…… well….. ugly.

This image is credited to Benjamin Rubin via www.oldwelshguy.co.uk

Recently I read an article about how Google will start (sometime soon) to give searchers a preview of the site they are about to go to.

I have a feeling that this is actually going to be a total “game changer” (I hesitate to use those two words but..) in the click rates on below the fold natural search returns.
*the Google listings that are listed on the first page but you need to scroll down to see them after you typed in your search*

Why? well… currently when you go to a site you have no idea whether it’s going to really be what you’re looking for, (nothing new there) but what’s important to think about here is, now that you will get a preview, a snap judgment will be made on the awesomeness of your site all based on what it looks like.

Book, cover…..what?

Don’t judge a book by its cover? well as much as we all like to say, ‘I don’t do that’ it’s only human nature, just have a read of Malcolm Gladwell’s supermegaawesomebookofpower Blink and you will see that all humans instinctively judge by the cover.

How is this going to change the game

Put simply, most people trust Google to return the most excellent site for their queries based on the higher up the list the better it must be. Now you have the option to judge for yourself and I think that you will find that being in the top spot just wont have the same importance as it did previously.

Whats it all mean

What is this going to mean to SEO, Affiliate marketers (the guys selling Viagra and health products) and webmasters?
What you will find is, users will be placing more emphasis on design aesthetics than top placement, so all that hard work at optimising and link building will, while still being important to get to the top 10, it will not have as much importance as before.

This aesthetic importance will mean that SEO’s and Affiliate marketers are going to have to learn Design now, as to increase the click rate on to your site will have to be really eye-catching.

If you’re a SEO and you don’t have design skills or someone in the office who can redesign the site, well look out because it’s going to have a massive effect on your effectiveness.

But I have an affiliate site, and I don’t want to make it look pretty

As for affiliates….. just slapping up a 10 min word press site and posting your hard spun articles on penis extensions… well good luck.

This of course may not happen, and the inherent issues with load time will have an effect on whether users will turn this option on but if they do, well …… game changer.

Do you think that this will be a game changer or not?

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