Always be linking!-20

Always be linking!

I was just watching the movie Glengary Glen Ross and the scene where Alec Baldwin comes in and gives the A.B.C speach gave got me to thinking..

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If you have not seen it, this is the scene I’m talking about ^

What it got me thinking about was, I am working with a client at the moment and he has a site, which is doing ok, but he is getting thrashed by his competitors, so he has come to me to get his rankings up.

Excellent I say, 12 steps to a Google number one…. 1’st step, admit you have a problem, 2’nd step, do something about it.

Now as most of you are, I’m sure aware, having fresh, original content hitting your site as often as possbile is difficult, especially when you have a hectic work schedual…. (just look at the time between posts….)

So what do you do? use the G.G.G.R technique for the online marketer.
A.B.L. Always Be Linking.

His major beinefit is that he has a huge range of products on his site so there is alot of relevent link topics that he can go for, but…. producing content about it is hard, and let just say there is not much content there that is organicaly shareable so having naturelly occuring links will be hard.

What do you do?

Make a big and I mean BIG list of sites that have some relevence to your products, and then first thing in the morning, send an email or 5 to some of those sites requesting a link.
Got 5 min to kill before that next meeting? send some emails requesting a link.
It’s friday and your mentally shutting down from work and its only 4 pm? send some emails requesting a link.

It’s pretty straight forward really, just never stop requesting a link and the law of averages will say, if you target 1000 you might get 100, so whats stopping you?

I mean right now?

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