7 Great Fonts that Web Designers Adore

Wed designers will always have many different considerations to think about when they are designing your website and one of the most important is that of the font they will use across your various pages. You might think that this is a fairly easy task but when you realize just how many fonts there are out there, you will quickly learn that this is not always the case.

It is also not as simple as a designer using his favourite font on every website he designs, simply because every site is different and will require some real thought put in to establish just what font really fits the site perfectly.

Would you expect a professional website and a humorous blog website to share the same fonts? Exactly, the perfect font has to magnify what the site is all about and not go against it and lead to the opposite.

A good example would be that Rockwell is a great font for a modern website representing a modern and professional business or Marketing Script a font that has a hand-written feel and would be ideal for a more personal styled website.

So whether you are a designer yourself or the owner of business that wants to find the best fonts for your website, you should check out some of the more popular fonts that are being used today. You can either opt for free fonts or premium fonts with there being some greats ones available from either.

Five of the Most Popular Free Fonts

Everybody likes something that is free and there are many of free fonts (those not included with operating systems anyway) available but the fonts that are most commonly used by web designers are the likes of the five below.

  • Myriad Pro
  • Cabin
  • Museo Slab
  • Corbel
  • Ubuntu

Five of the Most Popular Premium Fonts

Premium fonts obviously come at a price, with many of the most common actually being extremely expensive. However, you can instantly tell the true quality of many of them which is why some are more than happy to pay to use them. Five of the most popular premium web fonts are below with Helvetica easily the most commonly seen.

  • Helvetica
  • DIN
  • Neo Sans
  • Skolar
  • Gotham

All web designers will obviously have their own opinions as to which fonts are their favourites and where and how they like to use them, yet many would not argue that those listed above are not among the top end of any rankings of great fonts that web designers adore.

If you are thinking of having a website built or having one redesigned, you will seriously have to think about the sort of fonts you are going to use. It is best to speak to an experienced designer to get his/her thoughts on what would fit your website well.